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Welcome to the anarchist girls' page online. This page is dedicated to all the anarchist resources you are looking for (and when I say "anarchist" I do not mean the oxymoronic "anarcho" capitalist, but anti-authoritarian anarchism) this page is new, but more should be added soon. Take a peak around, and give me your feedback at Remember, don't patrionize, revolutionize!!

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Libertarian Socialism
A great article on Libertarian-Socialism

"Libertarian"-What does it mean?
A great article on the origins of Libertarianism

Anarchist FAQ
The BEST FAQ on what anarchism is...and what it isn't

What is anarchism?
A great article written by Jason Justice

What is neoliberialism?
A good site on why we need to abolish oppressive neo-liberialism

As defined by the Grolier's Electronic Encyclopedia

Anarchist Communism
Another great article written by Jon Bekken

Anarchism is a bad idea because....
A great article written by LA anarchists

Scottish Anarchism
A great article about Scottish Anarchism written by Ian Heavens

Anarchism and the Zapatista's
GREAT article on the Mexican Zapatista's at the Spunk Press

If you don't know what the IWW is, you should check this site out

Anarchist Organization
Explains the organization of anarchism

Definition of syndicalism
An opinionated account of what syndicalism is

About how liberals stole the meaning from the left

Anarchism in The Netherlands
Anarchism has not disappeared in The Netherlands...yet

An account by George Walford on what "anarcho" capitalism really is

Anarchist Revolution
A great article written by Joe Black

Anarchism and Capitalism
Written nicely by Andrew Flood

Labour Party Illusion
A good argument as to why political parties are bad

Anarchist Communist Party Theory
Theory of the Anarcho-Communist Party

Chile, capitalism and liberty for the rich
Liberty for WHO in Chile?

Anarchist theory of trade
Notes on the anarchist theory of trade

Anarchism that everyone can live with

Anarchism in Russia
Anarcho-syndicalism online

Spanish Anarchism
Also about the Spanish revolution in the 30's

Anarchist Capitalism?
Don't let capitalists trick you into believing that they are anarchist

Death Penalty

The Case Against the Death Penalty
A good report written by Hugo Adam Bedau

Abolish the Death Penalty
A great editorial by the people at the Progress Report

The Death Penalty
Another great article written by Human Rights Watch

The Death Penalty In the USA

Justice for Mumia Abu-Jamal
A great site on the injustice against Mumia Abu-Jamal

Free MumiaAbu-Jama
The name says it all

Sweat Shop Watch

Clean Clothes Campaign
This site is based in the Netherlands-Hot site!

Sweat Shop Watch
Sweat Shop Watch is really rich with anti-sweat shop information

A great organization based in America

Women VS Nike
An interesting article on the hypocrisy of Nike when it comes to women's rights


Anarchism VS Facism
Why anarchists and facists are enemies

AntiFacist Action
Great article on antifacist action by Rachel Rinaldo


Gay Revolution Manifesto
An interesting article on the upcoming gay revolution

Gay is Good
Listen up heteros', gay is good! ;o)

Why I hate Straight People
May be a bit extreme, but it is definatly a good read

Women's Lib and Gay Lib
Speech by the founder of the Black Panthers

Gay Conservatives
Explains whats wrong with gay conservatism

It's a Queer Thing
Why everyone should be concerned about Hate crimes


A kick ass site on AnarchaFeminism

Left & Women's Lib
The history of the lefts fight for women's lib

Feminist Theory
Explains the the theories of feminism

Why women are oppressed
Anarchist take on why women are oppressed

A great article written by Flick Ruby

Socialist Feminism
A great socialist-feminist site

Anarchism and women's liberation
A great site full of articles on women's libertarion and anarchism

New law helps pimps, brings down sex workers
Sex is natural! Take a look at this very eye opening article to see what I am talking about


Feminists against Censorship-UK
A great anti-censorship site based in the UK

Feminists for Free Expression
Great anti-censorship site based in America

Fight Internet Censorship
Stop internet censorship...NOW!

Feminist argument against Censorship
Another site full of resources for feminists who are against censorshiop

Free Speech Internet Television
A leftist network against censorship

Black Ribbon Campaign
If you are an anarchist concerned about free speech, join this campaign today!

Anarchist Organizations

International Workers Assosiation (in Spanish. World Wide)
Anarchist Study Group (Quebec, Canada)
Anarchist Black Cross (World Wide)
Anarchist Black Cross (Gent, Belgium)
Anarchist Education Resource Centre (Manitoba, Canada)
Anarchist Federation (Britian)
Arm The Spirit-For Revolutionary Resistance! (Toronto, Canada)
Solidarity Federation (Manchester, England)
Freedom Press (London, England)
Anarchist Studies (UK)
Anti-Facist Action (UK)
Workers Solidarity Movement (Dublin, Ireland)
Federation Anarchiste (In French. Paris, France)
People Against Racist Terror (California, USA)
Workers Solidarity Alliance (California, USA)
Food Not Bombs (WorldWide)
United Anarchist Front (Colorado, USA)
Anti-Racist Action (Deleware, USA)
Libertarian Labor Review (Illinois, USA)
Midwest Anarchist Syndicate (Iowa, USA)
Anti-Racist Action (Kentucky, USA)
Social Anarchism (Maryland, USA)
Conferderation of Anarcho-Syndicalists (Russia)
Anarcho-Syndiacalist Network (Austrailia)

Mailing Lists

I have listed some of the best discussion lists here for your own taste. Just a warning, some of these lists are visited frequently by capitalists who will flame you if you don't have the same views as they do.Most of these lists require that you sign up with either Onelist or EGroups. Otherwise, enjoy :) great list for anarchist discussiojn. It can get very high volume at times. WARNING-There are many capitalists on this list who call themselves anarchist. Don't fall into the trap. You will laugh your head off when you see "anarchist" capitalists on that list who believe in state-murder and taking a woman's right to choose away :o) great list for discussion of anarcho-syndicalism. Good for people who do not like extremely high-volume lists mailing list with feminist discussion in mind. All feminists are welcome great, non-high volume list, discussing libertarian-socialism. It used to be the "anarchism" mailing list but was forced to change it's name thanks to the merger of onelist and egroups high volume list for socialists of any kind. The list is based in America

Anarcy-List-A list with over 200 members. It can be quite interesting at times, but on others, it can be quite dull. To subscribe, write in the message body (not in the subject line) subscribe anarchy-list.

OneUnion-A list about anarcho-syndicalism and other forms of syndicalism. To subscribe, enter the words "subscribe" into the subject line.

Black Flag-An anarchism list owned and run by the Black Flag anarchism magazine in Britian. Definatly worth joining!

Anarcha-Feminism-A list dedicated to anarcha-feminism. To join, send them an (nice) email requesting to be subscribed


We are not finished yet! Environmental Issues, Reproductive Rights, Gun control, drug legalization and great libertarian-socialists is coming soon! This page should be completely finished by March 23, 2000

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